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Active with femininity and elegance

Our new collection was created for all women regardless of age, body type or sport. 

It's an invitation to get away from it all through sport, to disconnect from your daily life and let go to take more power over your life.

Discover the perfect set for high-intensity sports:

The Irreproachable Bra and the Sculptural Legging

The "Irréprochable" Sportsbra

The Irreproachable bra provides flawless support with its simple, long cut. Running, pilates or fitness, it is ideal for all your sports sessions. Its fine seams allow you to perform all movements without the slightest discomfort.

Made from a French fabric, the bra is soft and lets your skin breathe. It can be worn with or without a t-shirt, depending on your desires.


The "Sculptural" legging

Designed for high-intensity sports like running, the sculptural leggings provide ideal support and perfectly shape each woman's figure. Its side pockets and discreet back pocket allow you to take with you mobile, cards, or keys without having to carry a bag. Designed as a second skin, it perfectly fits the body of each and lets you forget during your sports sessions! Its ultimate asset: its high waist very pleasant to wear.

I want it !

Two sets in spring colors:

the Essential Bra and the Indispensable Legging

The Essential Sportsbra

With its swimmer's back and feminine cut, the Essentielle bra will be your new ally in combining femininity and comfort at the gym. Made from a French fabric, the bra is soft, light and technical. It lets your skin breathe and provides ideal support. The Essentielle bra promises good support for any type of sport, such as yoga, walking or dancing.

Wear it during your sports sessions or on a daily basis, the Essentielle bra is so soft and comfortable that you'll forget it's there.


The Indispensable Legging

The Indispensable leggings are designed for moderate-intensity sports like yoga, pilates or walking. Its high waist and feminine seams enhance each woman's figure and promise good support. Its soft fabric and absolute comfort give a shaping effect and second skin, embracing with lightness the body of each. Practical and technical the Indispensable legging has a small discreet pocket in the back, allowing you to carry keys, cards or headphones with you without embarrassment.


Rare colors for unique sportswear, like you."

Two new colors

A true return to nature, thanks to natural colors, inspired by our environment.

Terracotta in Italian or "terracotta" in French, is a warm and bright color that evokes a Mediterranean atmosphere. Its glowing hues, bring warmth and comfort.

Green-gray is a timeless color that imposes calm and serenity. Inspired by the nature that awakens in spring, verdigris is a tender, soft color that evokes a dreamy atmosphere.